Jos Verstappen supports his son after crash with Ocon

14-11-2018 08:33
by Matt Gretton
Jos Verstappen supports his son after crash with Ocon

Jos Verstappen has supported his son after his crash with Esteban Ocon on Sunday. Senior Verstappen, a former Formula 1 driver, claims Max Verstappen was "robbed of victory" when Ocon tried to unlap himself.

Many people have been critical of the way Verstappen went after Ocon following the conclusion of the Brazilian Grand Prix. But Jos Verstappen, who has had incidents similar to this in the past, understands why Max did what he did.

"Maybe what Max did was not good. But I fully understand what he did," Jos Verstappen tells De Telegraaf Newspaper.

"He was robbed of victory and then Ocon so stupidly stood there and grinned. We should not make it bigger than it is. Football players do that to each other every weekend and Max is professional enough to not beat up anyone." 

This is a rivalry which may well develop in years to come!

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