FIA set to close loophole in fuel flow rules

08-11-2018 12:15
by Jake Williams-Smith
FIA set to close loophole in fuel flow rules

The FIA is set to close off a loophole in the rules that allows teams to exceed the fuel flow limits during a race. The FIA Technical Working Group met ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix to address the potential issue and to plan a solution to the problem.

According to RaceFans, teams have discovered a loophole in the rules that would allow them to use an expandable hose that would create extra storage for fuel, allowing them to surpass the fuel flow limit restrictions imposed on them as per the rules.

Sending extra fuel when the flow is already at its maximum rate allowed within the rules is therefore possible, as fuel flow rate is not monitored between the fuel flow monitor and the engine itself, allowing for surplus fuel to be utilised when needed.

Currently, fuel flow is restricted to 100kg an hour, with the maximum amount of fuel set at 105kg per race. The FIA is planning to close off this potential issue by developing a new means of fuel flow and excess fuel storage when fuel flow is at its maximum.

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