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horner spoke to hamilton's father about red bull seat

Horner reveals who from 'Hamilton camp' spoke to him about Red Bull seat

24 November at 11:02

It remains a topic of conversation this weekend. Lewis Hamilton and the alleged contact there has been with Red Bull Racing. But on whose initiative was that contact. Christian Horner hinted after the end of the first free practice session in Abu Dhabi. It appears to be Lewis Hamilton's father.

Anthony Hamilton

"It's remarkable how much traction this has got," Horner said. "It's entirely normal for drivers representatives, drivers parents to have different conversations during the course of a year."

When the Red Bull team boss is then asked if it was Hamilton's dad. who made an inquiry, Horner replied: "Look we haven't had any serious discussion with Lewis there was never a seat available. I've known Anthony Hamilton for  many years. He's a good guy, he's a proud racing father and inevitably when drivers go through tough spots. Let's face it Lewis hasn't won a Grand Prix for two years it's inevitable that questions will be asked up and down up and down the paddock. But there was never any engagement and I don't know who represents who or what but with the same surname you would think they were reasonably close."

No Hamilton at Red Bull

Hamilton certainly does not seem to be an option for Red Bull. "We're very happy with the drivers that we've got," Horner stated to Sky Sports. "But of course, you can understand. Lewis hasn't won a race for almost two years. You can understand the questions being asked. It's entirely logical and normal for those type of things to happen. There is no seat available, so it's really a non-story."