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Horner looks forward to Las Vegas, but 'the layout is simplistic'

Horner looks forward to Las Vegas, but 'the layout is simplistic'

12 November - 18:00 Last update: 18:08

Ludo van Denderen

It has been a long time since a Grand Prix has been as hyped as the upcoming race in Las Vegas. According to Formula 1, a great spectacle awaits on the Strip in the American gambling city, especially as the race will be run at night. Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing's team boss, is also curious to see how the weekend will unfold.

"I think Vegas could promise to be quite an exciting race," said the team boss of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. "I watched the drivers on the simulator running around it the other day, and I mean, it's got a straight as long as Azerbaijan, you know, into a sharp left-hander. And so I think there is going to be plenty of action there."

Whether the race is going to be attractive to the public is written in the American stars. In any case, one factor of interest is going to be the weather - especially the temperature. "It's going to be cooler in the evening, tyre temperature could be crucial, and that's going to move things around us as well," he said. "Whilst the format and the layout of the circuit is, shall we say, is more of a simplistic one, so is Montreal, and that also produces great races."

Horner hopes for sporting spectacle

Horner is pretty sure that the Vegas event will be a spectacle not only on the track, but certainly off it too: "I think it's going to be a hell of a show for Formula 1, but the most important thing is that as a sporting spectacle, it delivers and it produces a great race. And the amount of interest that there is in the US, you know, is phenomenal. And I think that we really need to deliver to make sure that we capitalise on that interest."