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'Verstappen learned from his mistakes and then developed extremely'

'Verstappen learned from his mistakes and then developed extremely'

30-09-2023 18:55 Last update: 20:36

Former Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld is very impressed with Max Verstappen's achievements. The German has never doubted the Red Bull driver's talent, but he does say that the development Verstappen has gone through has surprised him in a very positive way. Heidfeld therefore sees Verstappen as a special and very complete driver.

'Verstappen is special, even compared to other top drivers'

In an interview with German Sport1, Heidfeld gives his opinion on Verstappen and admires the performance of the two-time world champion. "Very impressive. There was never any doubt about Verstappen's talent," he begins. "On the track, you see what is so special about him, even compared to other top drivers."

The German does not see the peculiarities on the track as the most impressive thing Verstappen has shown. Starting from the Canadian Grand Prix, Heidfeld saw the Dutchman's development take a battering. He comments: "What has surprised me even more positively is that he has learnt from his mistakes and developed extremely well. He is a very complete Formula One driver."

Heidfeld: 'Few drivers I have seen do similar things to Verstappen'

Heidfeld, himself a past driver for Williams and Sauber among others, says there have been few drivers he has seen do similar things. In his eyes, Michael Schumacher was also on another level:"I was watching F1 in Monaco at the time. You could have painted all the cars and helmets black and you would still have recognised Michael. He just drove differently, had more control, drove closer to the crash barriers." Heidfeld also saw something special in Lewis Hamilton"Years later, I saw something similar in Lewis Hamilton. He also had extreme car control, albeit a bit wilder".