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'Not Hugo Boss, but Adidas will be title sponsor AlphaTauri'

'Not Hugo Boss, but Adidas will be title sponsor AlphaTauri'

26-09-2023 19:56 Last update: 23:41

From 2024, the AlphaTauri team will undergo a name change and for a while now the rumour mill has been running at full speed. While Hugo Boss has long been mentioned as title sponsor for the Italian team, Swiss Blick is now pushing another name forward. According to them, Adidas would soon be announced as title sponsor for Red Bull Racing's sister team.

'Hugo Boss to be sponsor at AlphaTauri, not title sponsor'

Rumours regarding Hugo Boss as title sponsor were strong for a long time, but this has been toned down somewhat recently. It would not have been an odd choice by the clothing brand, however; after all, Hugo Boss has been a sponsor of McLaren's team for many years. In Singapore, however, according to German Sport1, there were noises that Hugo Boss will be involved as a sponsor from 2024, but not as a title sponsor.

Recently, Formula 1 journalist Joe Saward already mentioned another option as title sponsor for AlphaTauri. The renowned journalist threw up the name of water company BWT. This company is no stranger to Formula 1 either; Alpine and Racing Point, among others, have been sponsored by BWT in the past with their distinctive pink colours.

However, Blick now knows that talks are underway between Red Bull and Adidas. An interesting detail: the current managing director of Adidas, Björn Gulden, already has a history with Formula 1. When Gulden worked at Puma in the past, he also increased the sports brand's presence quite a bit. Adidas itself declined to comment on the rumours for now.