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Albers criticises Russell: 'Totally f***** up the race for Mercedes'

Albers criticises Russell: 'Totally f***** up the race for Mercedes'

18 September - 15:49 Last update: 17:18

In a Red Bull Racing-dominated season, the Singapore Grand Prix had a surprise winner. Until the very last moment, three teams were in the running for the overall victory in the Asian city-state, and it was Carlos Sainz who crossed the finish line first. "The best race of the season," Christijan Albers, himself a former F1 driver, responded in the Telegraaf's podcast.

Much has already been said and written about the reasons why Red Bull failed to excel. As to why Sainz, in particular, was able to excel, Albers reflected: "Sainz and Charles Leclerc both have a new girlfriend. Surely Sainz's is better. Maybe that's why Alonso is going so fast. He has a different one every year. Maybe something like that helps a bit," Albers laughed.

The current pundit says he did not expect Sainz to slowly gain the upper hand over Leclerc. One explanation as to why this does seem to be working out, according to the former driver, is the continued development of the Ferrari. According to Albers, the car is coming more and more towards Sainz.

Albers understood Ferrari's tactics

Ferrari played a risky game, the former Caterham team boss believes, but said their execution was perfect. "They did have to keep the field together because they didn't have the performance not to push for laps. Because if you get away [from the chasers], then the tyres collapse, they have a big problem, and they get passed," Albers said.

So the Dutchman is complimentary of Ferrari, but he is critical when talking about Mercedes, especially George Russell. "Russell totally f***** up the race for Mercedes," says Albers, referring to the last stint to the finish. "Russell asked too much of his tyres in that early phase and came in behind Norris. That killed him. That's where he held up Lewis. They should have changed [the drivers] then. Lewis really had more speed. Then you are not talking about a few tenths, but almost a second."