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Red Bull and Ford partnership extended: 'We can help with that'

Red Bull and Ford partnership extended: 'We can help with that'

14 May - 20:00

Ludo van Denderen

It seems far away, but for Formula 1, 2026 is fast approaching. Red Bull is currently working hard in collaboration with Ford to develop the Red Bull Powertrains, with which the team will compete from '26. A key focus point is the electrical part of the power unit. Neither Ford nor Red Bull have any experience in developing this. A problem child perhaps?

For any team in Formula 1, electrification of the power unit is a challenge, especially for Ford and Red Bull. Not only does the new combination want a reliable power unit, but it must also have enough power. And meanwhile, Ford and Red Bull are in a learning process, as never before have they worked together on an F1 engine; a new branch of sport for both anyway.

Ford and Red Bull doing more together than previously discussed

The fact that Ford are actively participating in the development of the power unit is remarkable. Initially, it was planned that the US car brand would only financially support Red Bull Powetrains and technically help with the electric components where possible. So now the collaboration is more extensive. Mark Rushbrook, top Ford Motorsports executive, tells ""The internal combustion engine and the turbo weren't on the initial list, but there is a lot of knowledge that we have with modelling and testing that can help, so that has been engaged and employed as well. Our main focus though is in the electrification, that is a big opportunity."

Rushbrook does tell us that Ford's main focus remains on the electric components. Ford employees are stationed at Red Bull's factory in Milton Keynes, however, Rushbrook would not disclose how many people are involved. 

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.