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Domenicali warns all Grands Prix: 'The offer is very big'

Domenicali warns all Grands Prix: 'The offer is very big'

13 May - 20:00

Stefano Domenicali has once again reassured Formula 1 fans who fear even more Grands Prix on the calendar. According to the Formula 1 CEO, the number of Grands Prix will remain a maximum of 24.

There are more than 35 venues interested in Formula 1, Domenicali told ESPN. Drivers and teams have already regularly expressed concerns about the full calendar now. That counts 24 races. With 35 applicants, F1 could easily expand the calendar, but the organisation does not plan to do so for the time being.

Which Grands Prix will remain on the F1 calendar?

"No, seriously, the request is very, very big. It is up to us to make the right choices. But the number is set at 24. It will stay 24. Don't forget that five years ago we were at 17 or 18. It was a big step to add more in such a short time, but it is just because the market requires it and we love doing great things together. But 24 is the limit."

With the large number of new Grands Prix on offer, GPs currently on the calendar are under a lot of pressure. Especially the older, classic GPs cannot always keep up with the investments made by the newer circuits. Still, F1 want to keep a good variety of different GPs in different regions.

Domenicali does, however, issue a warning: "The world is evolving and the need of everyone to push to be the best is there and nothing is given for granted to anyone. Of course, we want to push everyone to improve. That is our objective."