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Hamilton: 'Russell will recover'

Hamilton: 'Russell will recover'

17 September - 15:15

Lewis Hamilton managed to claim a podium spot on the last lap of the Singapore Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver, along with teammate George Russell, put lots of pressure on Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. Russell crashed, causing Hamilton to move up to the front.

Hamilton was also heard over the board radio telling his teammate to drive harder to get past rivals McLaren and Ferrari in the closing stages. At the same time, he was breathing down Russell's neck. Russell did not pay attention and crashed hard into the wall. It resulted in a podium finish for Hamilton but lost points for the team after a tough race.

'Russell will recover'

Hamilton says after the race: "We made the gamble. It felt like a two-stopper, to be honest. The team did a great job with the strategy to get us back. Of course, it was a bit unfortunate at the first corner. I gave everything and kept on driving."

On Russell's crash, he says: "Yes, too bad about George. We were pushing so hard to overtake those guys, and our tyres were so hot. He will recover. He drove a great weekend." It was a tough race, and the Briton enjoyed that: "This is how it should be, and it was very hot. I did lose two kilos, I think."