Verstappen has doubts over new car designs

17-10-2018 19:17
by Bobby Vincent
Verstappen has doubts over new car designs

The ever critical Max Verstappen is back at it again... this time he is doubting that the aerodynamic changes for next season's cars will promote more exciting races.

Earlier on in 2018, the FIA made an agreement to numerous technical changes in time for next season, including a wide, simpler front wing with straighter endplates and no outwash, a wider deeper back wing to enhance the affect of DRS and modifications to cars' bargeboards.

The sole reason for the changes is to try and give Formula One a more "exciting" reputation and encourage a wider audience, however, Verstappen doubts that will happen.

"It might help a little bit, but what I'm already reading is that next year we'll have about the same downforce as this year, so I think that the benefit will be limited," Verstappen said on his website.

"It only looks somewhat uglier, but maybe the design will be refined before the next season."

With it looking as if there will be a more important role for DRS next season, the Red Bull driver is not a fan of that, either.

"I prefer not to have DRS, which is much more natural and better for the fans, but at some tracks you just cannot catch up," the Dutchman added. "Push-to-pass is an option as well, but I don't think it will be enough to replace the current DRS."

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