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Eleventh F1 team is eager, Wolff and other bosses 'wait and see'

Eleventh F1 team is eager, Wolff and other bosses 'wait and see'

16 September - 09:31 Last update: 16:34

It is starting to look more and more like the Andretti project in Formula 1 is going to get the green light from the FIA. So this means that there is a chance of an 11th team competing in the pinnacle of motorsport. However, there is still one big hurdle to overcome: the current F1 teams must agree to Andretti's entry. The other teams are still very conservative and sceptical about the idea. See what they had to say here.

Will Andretti join F1?

For teams, it's tough. They have to deal with the issue called Andretti Global. Teams are not exactly eager to admit the team. This is partly because there is a lot of money involved. There is also the question of whether the team is a promotion of the situation in sporting terms.

"I think why Formula One has, and the teams have survived in the last years, is because we all stuck together. The FIA, FOM and the 10 teams," Wolff said. "We need to protect the sport. We are holding this sensitive sport that's growing at the moment in our hands. And that's why the right decisions need to be taken. It’s out of the teams’ hands. But I would hope that Mohammed Ben Sulayem and Stefano will make the right decisions for Formula One."

Brown and Alunni Bravi on Andretti

Andretti has met all the conditions, and may soon be given the green light to join Formula One. McLaren CEO Zak Brown says he is awaiting the results and has no new information on Andretti's entry: "I've not heard anything new recently, it's not been spoken about. I think our view is unchanged. Just going to wait and see how the process plays out. The one thing I would say is the value of a Formula One team and an entry from what it was five years ago is worth substantially more. I think that element needs to be discussed."

Alfa Romeo team boss Alessandro Alunni Bravi also let it be known what he thinks of the matter. "And as Zak and Toto mentioned, the wealth of the current teams has grown significantly in the past few years. We need to protect our business, but we rely on the FIA and FOM to make the right decision. We will be ready to welcome any new teams that has this kind of characteristic. But we need to also understand what is the best for the entire F1 community with a long-term perspective."

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