Williams approaching 2019 car with "different process"

17-10-2018 12:24
by Matt Gretton
Williams approaching 2019 car with different process

Put brutally honest; it's been a dreadful year for the Williams F1 team. They've managed just seven points from 17 races, a strike rate of 0.41 points per race. Sergey Sirotkin confirms the team have approached their 2019 car with "different processes" in a hopeful attempt to bounce back.

In his rookie season, Sirotkin has scored just a solitary point. That probably doesn't reflect his driving capabilities as the car produced by Williams didn't work. A phrase used by technical officer Paddy Lowe in Autosport.

Sirotkin, 23, confirms the team are making changes ahead of the coming season.

"I think we learned many lessons about the procedure from zero to the end, and I think the way we are approaching the new car it's going to be quite a different process," the Russian told motorsport.

"So we can avoid the issues we suddenly found this year, and then obviously put more performance on it."

Sirotkin hasn't been confirmed as a 2019 Williams driver yet, but if he's saying stuff like that then well...

One Williams cockpit has already been filled. British youngster George Russell will be in the Williams garage next season as announced earlier in the week. Sirotkin is certainly keen on being apart of the rebuilding process.

"It is a step ahead, which is always good. I don't want to say we will be immediately back and we'll be 100% as we want, but for sure it looks like we learned a lesson," added Sirotkin.

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