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verstappen and leclerc on new layout gp singapore

Verstappen and Leclerc agree: 'New layout better for overtaking'

10 September at 13:45
Last update 10 September at 14:43
  • Sam Godber

The next Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend will be held in Singapore, a street circuit. Overtaking was always very difficult through the streets of Singapore and to make that easier, the layout of the Marina Bay Street Circuit is slightly different this year. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc think this change will indeed make for better overtaking opportunities.

Leclerc happy with changes in Singapore

Sector three, previously mostly twisty, has undergone major changes in Singapore. The old corners sixteen to nineteen had to make way for a straight of just under 400 metres. This reduced the number of corners from 23 to 19. Leclerc is happy with the change. "The new lay-out should be a bit easier to overtake, which is an exciting chance for racing," said the Monegasque on the Singapore Grand Prix's Instagram account.

Verstappen agrees with Leclerc

Verstappen is also looking forward to the new configuration of the circuit in Singapore. "Yeah, it will be interesting. I mean of course, we have never driven it like that, but I think we are looking forward to it. It is always an amazing track to drive and who knows, maybe it creates another overtaking opportunity," the reigning world champion said.