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Verstappen believes in Red Bull Powertrains: 'Running ahead of schedule'

Verstappen believes in Red Bull Powertrains: 'Running ahead of schedule'

08-07-2023 06:00

While Max Verstappen is racking up wins with a Honda-powered Red Bull, his team is busy developing its own powertrain for the first time in history. The in-house produced Red Bull Powertrains - under the Ford name - will be in the back of the cars of Verstappen and his teammate. The Dutchman is very emphatic about all developments surrounding the power unit.

According to Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing's team boss, Verstappen will be actively involved in the development process. For instance, Verstappen will do virtual tests with the power plant. "I think it's a very interesting project for us, and for me, it's also very important to know what's going on also for my future within the team, and it's all looking very promising," Verstappen said.

First signals are good, according to Verstappen

"To go up against all these manufacturers is going to be very tough, but the signs are good now. Of course, we have to try and deliver. We started at the right time, and we are ahead of schedule, but in one way, '26 is just around the corner. So a lot of things still need to be done, but I think we are on a good track, but of course, we have to keep on pushing flat out to be able to deliver a very strong engine", said the Dutchman.

Chasing McLaren's record

Most of Verstappen's attention is on this season and primarily the British Grand Prix. During the free practice sessions, the Dutchman was the best twice. If he is the same on Sunday, he will match McLaren's old record with Red Bull Racing. That team has won 11 Grands Prix in a row before.

"It would be nice, but to ultimately remember who wins the championship, right? That's the most important thing for me. If it happens, it happens, and it's great. I'm not really concerned with the numbers. Maybe for the team, it's something nice. We're just going into this weekend to win, and we don't care if it's 11 in a row or whatever," Verstappen said.