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Honda chief: 'Don't think we've lost much on other engine manufacturers'
Honda chief confident of success

Honda chief: 'Don't think we've lost much on other engine manufacturers'

25 May - 11:35 Last update: 13:18

It was announced on Wednesday morning that Honda would return to Formula 1 as an engine supplier for Aston Martin. Despite the absence of the Japanese engine manufacturer, they do not expect Honda to lag behind the other engine manufacturers.

In 2020, Honda announced that it would withdraw from Formula 1 after 2021. The manufacturer that supplied engines to Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri wanted to focus more on sustainability, and at the time it would not be able to do so in the premier class of motorsport. It is now known that there will be new engine regulations from 2026, with greater use of electric power and use of renewable fuels, and so Honda is returning.

Honda chief is full of confidence

In the time, Honda has not been active as an engine supplier in Formula 1. However, the manufacturer has not been idle, with Honda Racing Corporation chief Koji Watanabe telling Motorsport.com that before the decision to return, his team studied the new regulations well: "In April 2022, a new company called Honda Racing Corporation was established, this is the dedicated company for motorsport races. This company kept on engaging in studies and development of four-wheel technologies and we commenced studies regarding the new regulations. Therefore, we don't think that we have lost so much regardless of our withdrawal from F1 racing at this point in time."