Jos Verstappen doesn't understand Ricciardo switch

29-08-2018 14:05
by Bobby Vincent
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Jos Verstappen doesn't understand Ricciardo switch

Jos Verstappen is confused to why Daniel Ricciardo decided to make the switch from Red Bull to Renault for next season.

Verstappen, who is Max's (Ricciardo's current team-mate and friend) father believes the switch which will take place in time for next season, is a backwards move for the Australian driver, who has big ambitions in the sport.

Jos Verstappen revealed that his son and Ricciardo still get on very well despite the driver's decision to end his stay with Red Bull.

"I'm 100% sure of it," Jos said when asked if his son and Ricciardo still have a good relationship.

"They get along well. Of course, there is competition in qualifying and the races, but the relationship is very good in my view. That's why I don't understand. Switching from a top team to a smaller team - I don't know if that's the right move. I wouldn't have done it."

There has been speculation that Ricciardo wanted to leave Red Bull because he didn't want to play 'second-fiddle' to Verstappen, but his dad has strongly rejected those claims.

"They did that in the past and still do," Verstappen said about Red Bull's policy about treating their drivers in an equal manner.

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