Hartley will hold his head high if F1 career comes to an end in 2018

19-08-2018 16:15
by Jake Williams-Smith
Hartley will hold his head high if F1 career comes to an end in 2018

He has struggled compared to his Toro Rosso teammate but Brendon Hartley says he will hold his head high should his Formula One career come to an end at the end of the 2018 season. The Kiwi has been overshadowed by his French teammate Pierre Gasly since joining the team last season.

Speaking during the summer break, Hartley explained that despite not achieving what he felt he is capable of, if time is called on his career then he will know it wasn't down to factors in his control.

“If Formula 1 finishes at the end of the year or whenever I’ll hold my head high," Hartley is quoted by Racefans.net.

"I know the job I’m doing behind the scenes and I know that I’m giving everything that I can.

“Not everyone always knows the full story, but I feel in a good place and I hope I can consolidate the momentum I’ve had in the last weekends.

"Even if I didn’t always have the result I actually feel like I was very strong and I hope I can get some more results and more points on the board in the next races.”

Hartley has faced questions at almost every race since the beginning of 2018 as to whether his career could be over, something he says he has gotten used to and now ignores.

"I guess it’s the fact two months ago I was getting asked questions every second if my F1 career was over.

“I guess it changed my attitude a little bit and I feel very strongly about it. A lot of things are out of my control and I feel very content that I am doing the best that I can and hopefully the results will follow.”

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