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Horner names Perez's biggest area for improvement

Horner names Perez's biggest area for improvement

25 March - 19:05 Last update: 20:15

Christian Horner sees that Sergio Perez is capable of challenging Max Verstappen from time to time, but over a full season he has not yet managed to do so. The Red Bull Racing team boss therefore sees consistency as his biggest area for improvement.

Sergio Perez looked set to drop out of Formula 1 after the 2020 season, but strong results at the Turkey and Sakhir GPs caused Red Bull Racing to knock on the Mexican's door. Alexander Albon had to make way and Max Verstappen got a new teammate.

"Checo was on the ropes careerwise," Horner told opposite iNews. "We did a deal that gave him a second wind and he has now won four grands prix and numerous podiums. He is driving better and better and finding his confidence. The biggest challenge for Checo is sustaining that over 23 events because that is where Max has become so strong over the last few years with the relentless consistency that he has.”

Perez needs to keep delivering

Last season, Perez had a strong start to the season, including winning the Monaco Grand Prix. The routine driver looked like he could really challenge Verstappen in the battle for the world title, but nothing could be further from the truth. Perez could not continue his good form and from the Canadian Grand Prix onwards he hardly came close to Verstappen's level.

After two Grands Prix in 2023, Perez stands on 43 points, thanks to a second and first place finish. That is one point less than Verstappen, who leads thanks to grabbing the fastest race lap in Jeddah. The next Grand Prix is next weekend in Australia. Verstappen and Perez have both never won in Melbourne.

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