Sainz: 'Unfortunately, this is a cars’ sport more than a drivers’

Sainz: 'Unfortunately, this is a cars’ sport more than a drivers’

24 March - 12:22 Last update: 13:47

Carlos Sainz is not a fan of the complaints about Red Bull Racing's dominance, pointing out that when a team is so dominant, they have done a tremendous job. The Spaniard believes that Red Bull deserves praise, although he would have preferred to be a part of a dominant team himself.

Sainz himself entered Formula 1 through Red Bull's training programme. His debut was at the same time as Max Verstappen in 2015, both at the then Toro Rosso, which is now Alpha Tauri. Sainz has since been driving for Ferrari, while Verstappen remained within the Red Bull camp. Last year, the Austrian racing stable dominated Formula 1, and it looks like it will do so again this year.

The Spaniard does not like the fans complaining about Red Bull's dominance, saying that a dominant team in F1 is inevitable, but he would have preferred his team to be dominant. "I mean, I wish it was us. And then I would get really angry if people were concerned that we are walking over Formula 1," he said.

Sainz on driver influence

It has been clear from the beginning, that the results in the premier class of motorsport are largely influenced by the car. It will probably remain so forever, as the driver can only take that last bit out of the car. The Ferrari driver recognises this as well but baulks at it. “Unfortunately, this is a cars sport more than a driver's," he said at

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