Where do Red Bull look to replace Daniel Ricciardo?

03-08-2018 13:20
by Matt Gretton
Where do Red Bull look to replace Daniel Ricciardo?

Perhaps even themselves didn't expect Daniel Ricciardo to leave the team. The Australian said himself that it was becoming more and more likely he would sign for Red Bull. With the surprise move, the Austrian team now face a race against time to assess their options and sign a driver for the 2019 season. We take a look at their options.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso is still without a deal next season, and we know he is getting bored and frustrated at McLaren. The Spaniard deserves a big team in F1, and there's rarely a seat available. Could he take it?

Well, there's the Honda thing. Red Bull will be using the Honda engines next season, and we know how that ended last time Alonso drove one of those...! Also, surely he wants to achieve his dreams of a triple crown.

Carlos Sainz

Sainz is currently under contract by Red Bull and on a 'loan type' deal at Renault. It could be possible that a straight swap occurs.

However, Sainz has been rumoured to be moving elsewhere. He hasn't been pulling in the best results so far this season which could put Red Bull off.

Pierre Gasly

Red Bull traditionally look at their little brothers Toro Rosso. They could end up, as Marko suggested, promoting Pierre Gasly. He has been impressive so far this season, including his 6th place finish in Hungary last weekend.

But Gasly is still in his rookie season. And adding him alongside Max Verstappen would form a rather young partnership. Yes, it could give them an advantage in the future, but he's too inexperienced.

We think the most likely option is Carlos Sainz. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments. Perhaps we've missed a driver?

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Goran Dulic +5 03-08-2018 14:33
Yes Sainz is most likely but on the other hand who could have predicted just one day ago that Ricciardo would leave Red Bull. So I'm gonna shoot and say Alonso in RB.
Patrice Guertin +8 03-08-2018 16:41
Alonso would be very good for RB… and for Verstappen (to learn from the great Alonso!)…. that would put up the team at the very top… having two of the best drivers on the grid...
Jakub Wolnicki +5 03-08-2018 22:05
One prospect is missing in this article. His name is Robert.
Hendrawan +0 04-08-2018 10:42
Jakub, i was once a fan of Robert, but today he is just an average joe in f1... test driver joe of course.

i would not be surprise if his career end up like De La Rosa...

we have to be realistic, he was good, but his time are over
McSerb +45 03-08-2018 22:30
Why would Red Bull want Alonso ? He is too expensive and too good for the liking of their new wonderboy. Not gonna happen.
Kevin Carter +0 04-08-2018 21:25
He would be a good standard for Max to learn from. As for salary, he is now using the advertising of his company, Kimoa to offset some of his salary.
TheVargas +0 05-08-2018 17:54
I feel Like its unlikely considering the whole Honda thing but it's not impossible
Kevin Carter +0 04-08-2018 21:23
More likely Gasly as Sainz and Max didn't have the cosiest time together at TR. Alonso would be a great short term option for say 2 years. Sainz will be at McLaren next year either replacing Vandoom or partnering him.

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