Lewis Hamilton lashes out at Sky Sports F1 coverage

24-07-2018 12:25
by Matt Gretton
Lewis Hamilton lashes out at Sky Sports F1 coverage

Lewis Hamilton has taken a swipe at the commentators on Sky Sports F1 for the words they used during the German Grand Prix. The British driver suggested the “ex-drivers” couldn’t find a good word to say as he made his way through the field to win the race.

When he got the chance, the four-time world champion sat down and watched a replay of the race. Let’s just say, the current championship leader wasn’t impressed with how he was portrayed. 

“I never get to watch the races, but just got home and watching Sky. I find it amusing listening to ex-drivers commentating, not a single one of them could find a good word to say,” Hamilton told his Instagram followers. 

“Whatever the reason is, it’s okay I forgive you. Positivity and love wins always no matter what words you use to try and undermine me, I started 14th today and finished 1st. God is good all the time.” 

The post was soon deleted.

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