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Formula 1 seen as example: 'Show more glamour'

Formula 1 seen as example: 'Show more glamour'

24-12-2022 09:51 Last update: 11:49


Formula 1 is in an excellent phase. The motorsport class is very popular and therefore has nothing to complain about the number of sponsors willing to commit. In addition, the Netflix seasons of Drive to Survive are helping to maintain its popularity. For Massimo Rivola, the sport is therefore a model.

Indeed, Aprilia's Italian sport director in MotoGP notices a difference between the two sports. According to him, MotoGP has a lot of trouble attracting new sponsors and therefore, in his opinion, needs to adopt other ways to convince companies.

"Formula 1 has a fantastic phase if you look at how people see the sport," he states in conversation with Speedweek.com. "I don't think you can compare Formula 1's fascination with MotoGP: it's something much bigger. But the show we put on in MotoGP is much better than Formula 1."

Difference between F1 and MotoGP

Rivola is open to engaging with Netflix or another organisation to film MotoGP up close. At the same time, he wonders whether this would suit the sport, as he believes Formula 1 and MotoGP attract different types of athletes.

"I think the Formula 1 riders show more glamour. The MotoGP riders train a lot and show passion for what they do. In Formula 1, you see more of the lifestyle and maybe that helps young people follow that sport."

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