What next for Mercedes?

12-07-2018 18:33
by Matt Gretton
What next for Mercedes?

Earlier this afternoon, Mercedes announced that they are going to have a reshuffle ahead of next season. Aldo Costa will change role in the New Year. He will move from engineering director to technical director. Mark Ellis will be replaced by Loic Serra. On the race track, they are being beaten by rivals Ferrari. What are Mercedes going to have to do in order to prevent themselves from falling off the cliff?

The actions today have reminded fans of the dominant Ferrari era in the 2000's and how quickly that ended. If this is what is happening, Mercedes are going to need to act very fast.

In Austria, their engine let them down for the first time since god knows when. And a lot of people will look at Valtteri Bottas and blame his lack of points on bad luck. Part of it is, but at the end of the day, he's 5th in the championship, behind both Ferrari drivers and Daniel Ricciardo.

The German's need to find some upgrades that will work on their car, just as Ferrari did in Silverstone. The dominance they had in the engine is now non-existent, so they're going to be relying on aerodynamics.

They've never been strong in this area, and the Nico Rosberg/Michael Schumacher era will remind you of this.

What they need to do, is employe an engineer, a designer to give them the best chassis on the grid to prevent the downfall. But can they? Do any names spring to mind?

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