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DRS zones may become shorter in 2023

8 December at 12:47
Last update 8 December at 13:05
  • GPblog.com

The FIA has decided to make the DRS zones shorter in 2023. This is due to the fact that the cars have been exposed to a new form of aerodynamics and thus race closer together throughout the race, but this also made overtaking in the DRS zones much easier.

Everyone obviously likes an exciting race with lots of overtaking, but too much is not necessarily a good thing. That is why the FIA is open to shortening the DRS zones, so it is not a guarantee that everyone will be equally successful on an overtaking attempt.

In an interview with Motorsport.com Ross Brawn, who is leaving Formula 1 soon, indicated; “The one thing we know is fans, and we know this because we don’t like it, they don’t like the ‘go down the straight, pop the DRS, overtake, drive fast, pull a gap, all of that."

FIA technical director Nikolas Tombazis also commented on the potential plan: “We don’t want overtaking to be, as we say, inevitable or actually easy. It still has to be a fight ... If it happens too quickly, if you just see a car approaching and then going by and disappearing, it's actually worse than being at the back and fighting. It needs the right balance to be found there.”

Nothing is official yet, but the FIA is thus willing to make adjustments to the DRS zones to keep things more exciting.