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Circuits for sprint races in 2023 confirmed, six sprints in total

Circuits for sprint races in 2023 confirmed, six sprints in total

07-12-2022 11:52 Last update: 13:44

The six races that will be accompanied by sprint race qualifying next year have been officially announced. Formula 1 confirms on their own website which six races are involved.

It had been known for some time that next year the number of sprint races would be increased from three to six. On Wednesday, it was announced which six races those will be. They are the following races:

The sprint races will be spread throughout the year. The first will be in April, then two in July, two in October, and the last will be in early November. Formula 1 reported in the announcement that these six circuits were chosen after extensive research. The main factors considered were the opportunities for overtaking, how many stretches there are where high-speed driving can take place, and how exciting the duels on the track can be.

Domenicali and Ben Sulayem are enthusiastic

"We have seen a hugely positive reaction to the F1 Sprint events during the first two years of its running," said Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali. "We can't wait to bring even more action to fans with six events next year, including our first US F1 Sprint in Austin."

FIA boss Mohammed Ben Sulayem added: "We look forward to this exciting addition to the calendar."

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