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Formula 1 proudly presents developments of 'Net Zero' campaign in 2022

Formula 1 proudly presents developments of 'Net Zero' campaign in 2022

06-12-2022 11:35 Last update: 14:24


Formula 1 has put out a report looking back at 2022, especially in terms of sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity.

Formula 1 aims to run Net Zero, or net zero carbon emissions, from 2030. In this regard, the sport has already made some improvements in recent years. For instance, the report talks about the appointment of its first Head of Sustainability and a Sustainability Coordinator. There was also the first report in 2022 that looked at the environment and what impact F1 has on it.

Sustainability and Formula 1

''We are committed to making Formula 1 more sustainable and increasing diversity and opportunity across this incredible sport. We remain focused on these very important objectives and have continued to make strong progress in 2022. We have delivered important initiatives on our journey to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030, expanded our scholarship programme for underrepresented groups and announced the F1 Academy that will provide opportunities for young female drivers to begin their journeys to the highest levels of our sport. We are proud of what we are delivering, but we know we must continue to make progress and deliver positive lasting change for Formula 1,'' Stefano Domenicali notes in the press release.

The report also talks of the renewable fuel to be introduced in 2026. Although only one percent of emissions come from the fuel, F1 does believe that making it more sustainable will benefit the world as a whole.

In addition, F1 is also trying to influence the places where it races more. For example, there is talk of more sustainable actions during the British Grand Prix, and the Dutch GP stood out positively because of a 'greener' way of organising a race weekend.

In terms of sustainability, F1 can now boast of the F1 Academy, which focuses on the development of women in F1 in particular. In addition, minority groups are also supported with F1's projects through an Engineering scholarship, an Apprenticeship programme, and an Internship programme.

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