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Verstappen on Alonso: 'One of best drivers ever'

Verstappen on Alonso: 'One of best drivers ever'

27-11-2022 18:46 Last update: 28-11-2022 00:07

Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso are two colleagues that Max Verstappen gets on well within Formula 1. The former will return to Red Bull Racing in 2023, while the latter is a great admirer of Verstappen. In the Viaplay documentary Picture Perfect, the reigning world champion discusses both men.

Asked if Alonso is his best mate, Verstappen replied: "One of. He can absolutely still accelerate. We are from different generations, he even drove against my father. You sometimes laugh at that. He is still extremely fanatical at that age to still be so into it. He is one of the best drivers ever."

On track, Verstappen and Alonso have not really been able to compete against each other in a direct fight very often. Verstappen has had equipment that is a lot better than the Spaniard's for several years now. Yet Alonso has shown on several occasions that he still has a lot of quality.

Ricciardo back at Red Bull

Between 2016 and 2018, Ricciardo was Verstappen's teammate at Red Bull. He then decided to move to Alpine, before signing with McLaren. After four years 'away from home', the Australian is now back on the old nest. Verstappen and Ricciardo have also maintained a good relationship in recent years, so Max is happy with his return.

"That will always be fun. We will definitely have a lot of laughs." Whether it has been his nicest teammate? "I always got on very well with him. On the track we were sometimes very close. In the end, we did have a great time and had a lot of fun."