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Perez: ''People should be really careful with what they say''

Perez: ''People should be really careful with what they say''

25 November - 08:59 Last update: 11:42

Max Verstappen made himself angry about all the hate on social media prior to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Sergio Perez is also aware of the online misbehaviour. Prior to the Abu Dhabi GP, the Red Bull driver spoke out about it.

After the Brazilian Grand Prix, things got out of hand online. Verstappen had failed to pass Perez on the final straight and the Dutchman was heavily blamed for that. Not only did Verstappen have to endure many hate messages, but his family also received them. It forced Verstappen to react harshly in the press conference ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Perez also sees the online hate

Perez may have been the victim in the eyes of those people, but the other driver also gets a lot of online hate. While he celebrated his wife's birthday between the two Grands Prix, Perez also got to see what was happening on social media.

''I am aware there is a lot of hate, and a lot of social media. It's a shame that social media these days has gone like that, at the end of the day we're human beings. We have families. It's not nice to see stuff like that online, and the online abuse is something I'm completely against. People should be really careful with what they say,'' Perez revealed to GPblog and others.

The mutual problems that seemed to exist within the Austrian team after Brazil were resolved afterwards, though. After the Brazilian GP, both drivers spoke to the team about the situation and can now look ahead again. In Abu Dhabi, Verstappen then helped his teammate by giving him a tow in qualifying. In the race, however, the Mexican was still beaten by Charles Leclerc, which prevented a historic 1-2 in the drivers' championship for Red Bull Racing.

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