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Ricciardo looks forward to time at Red Bull: 'It feels like coming home'

Ricciardo looks forward to time at Red Bull: 'It feels like coming home'

24 November - 20:04

Daniel Ricciardo is looking forward to returning to Red Bull Racing after a difficult two years at McLaren. He describes it as a nostalgic feeling and hopes to prove his qualities at the team he had the most success with.

In the year in which he does not have a permanent seat on the Formula 1 grid, Ricciardo hopes to make his life more balanced. Red Bull Racing plays an important role in that, having spent much of his career with the team. " There's something about going back to where it all started," said the Australian in conversation with

Ricciardo nostalgic about returning to Red Bull

Recently, Ricciardo has become increasingly aware of how much Red Bull has meant to him. "Over the last few years it has all sunk in with me. When Mr Mateschitz passed away I realised how much I owe to them. I was always grateful for the opportunity they gave me, but then it really dawned on me: without them I literally wouldn't be on the grid," he continued.

The return to Red Bull, even if not with a permanent F1 seat, therefore brings a nostalgic feeling to Ricciardo. "It feels like coming home. They are the main people who have supported you your whole career. You just long for that environment and that warmth and love back," said the eight-time Grand Prix winner.

Ricciardo hopes to regain confidence at Red Bull, where he has had his greatest successes so far. "I am looking forward to returning to Red Bull, a place where I obviously competed well with Max. Even to return in the simulator and to a car where I think, 'With this I can show my strengths.'"

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