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Vettel explains own view: 'That's not the way I think it should be'

Vettel explains own view: 'That's not the way I think it should be'

24 November - 15:18 Last update: 17:57


Sebastian Vettel has finished his last Grand Prix in Formula 1. The German had an excellent final race with Aston Martin in Abu Dhabi and therefore leaves with a good feeling. For the driver, it is not yet clear what he will do from next year.

The four-time world champion received a lot of recognition for his work in Formula 1 last week. It did Vettel a lot. Speaking to Aston Martin's official website he let it be known that the gestures did him good, although he would not comment on what he has meant to the sport.

"It's other people who decide what your legacy is. You can try to have an influence on it, but that's not the way I think it should be. I think you should just be yourself," Vettel assessed. "I will miss that, but it's been an absolute joy throughout my career."

Vettel looks forward to new life

The German driver will enter a quiet period in the coming months. Whereas previously he was busy preparing for the new Formula 1 season in the first months of the new calendar year, this time he will be relaxing at home.

Vettel is keeping all options open for the coming years. "Once it goes quiet, especially, I will see what it does to me and where it pushes me to. I see that as the next big challenge and a chance to rediscover myself."

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