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Albon believes in future of Williams: 'Making the most of our chances'

Albon believes in future of Williams: 'Making the most of our chances'

24 November - 09:58 Last update: 11:20


Alexander Albon believes Williams can fight for more opportunities in the future. While the team currently dangles at the back of the F1 grid, the Thai driver does see positive signs within the team.

After Albon was sidelined in 2021, he was given the chance to prove himself at Williams in 2022. The Thai succeeded well, as in his first season for the Grove-based team he took the lead within the team and earned a multi-year deal. For Albon and the team, the task now is to get rid of the last spot in the constructors' standings.

Albon pulls out all the stops

''I do feel when we've had chance to score points, we have. Unfortunately, that's where we are this year. It's been a year where I've had to have had everything go perfectly for us, bit of fortune as well to get us into the points,'' Albon revealed to GPblog.com and others after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Albon scored his first point for the British team in Australia and finished in the points again in Miami(9th) and Belgium (10th). Due to appendicitis, Albon missed the Italian Grand Prix, where Nyck de Vries managed to score another two points as his replacement. Albon knows he missed out on points there, but otherwise sees his team maximising every weekend.

Points scarce for Williams

''We don't want that to happen next year. We need to work hard. Nail the balance issues we've been having this year. If we can get on top of that, as a team I feel we're maximising the opportunities, that's good. it shows we are operating in the correct way. If we get a better car, we are going to be fighting for more opportunities and score more points.''

Williams reached a total of eight points in 2022, finishing stiffly at the bottom. Haas (37) and AlphaTauri (35) finished with more than four times as many points in the two spots above Williams. In 2023, the team will want to take another step forward to get rid of that last spot.

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