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Leclerc surprised in Brazil: 'I know he's not that type of driver'

Leclerc surprised in Brazil: 'I know he's not that type of driver'

15-11-2022 15:45 Last update: 16:04


Charles Leclerc was surprised by the aggression of Lando Norris at the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver ended up in the wall after contact with the Briton. On Saturday, Norris was also driving aggressively against Leclerc's teammate Carlos Sainz.

On Thursday in Sao Paulo, Norris was absent due to food poisoning. However, the Briton was back on Friday as usual to take part in the first free practice and qualifying. In both the sprint race and the Grand Prix on Sunday, Norris was on a roll. He finished seventh in the sprint race, but Sainz's grid penalty pushed him up one place in the race. In the end, the Briton had to park his car alongside the track in the main race.

'Norris is not that type of driver'

However, Leclerc was surprised by Norris' aggressiveness. During the main race, the Ferrari driver was sent into the wall after contact with the Briton. "I was very surprised that I could keep going. Regarding the move, obviously I know Lando is not this type of guy but for some reason he was very aggressive and also in sprint he was the same with Carlos. I don’t really understand but it’s like this," he is quoted by FormulaRapida.net.

According to Norris, Leclerc placed himself in a dangerous position. The Briton did everything he could to avoid a collision. The Monegasque eventually crossed the finish line in fourth place, something he did not expect after the crash. Leclerc leaves for Abu Dhabi with an equal number of points as P2 rival Sergio Perez.

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