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Perez furious at Verstappen: 'That shows who he really is'

Perez furious at Verstappen: 'That shows who he really is'

13-11-2022 20:26 Last update: 20:46

Sergio Perez is severely disappointed with his teammate Max Verstappen's attitude. The Dutchman refused to let him pass him, despite the fact that Perez needs the points to finish second in the championship.

Perez disappointed with Verstappen

Perez did not act tough when Verstappen overtook him in the closing stages of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing promised him that he would get the position back if Verstappen failed to move further forward, but the Dutchman ignored his team orders.

Perez was left disappointed and displeased with his teammate's attitude. "That shows who he really is," the Mexican said on the team radio after the finish. Christian Horner apologised and assured him that this will be addressed during the team's debrief.

Speaking to DAZN's microphone, Perez let out comments about his teammate, according to Twitter. He said he was surprised that Verstappen did not give the position back, adding that the Dutchman owes his two championships to him.

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