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Verstappen believes Red Bull can win in 2023 even after punishment

Verstappen believes Red Bull can win in 2023 even after punishment

11-11-2022 06:32 Last update: 09:15


Max Verstappen hopes the penalty in terms of wind tunnel time at Red Bull Racing will actually provide additional motivation. According to the two-time world champion, a good car can be built even with less time in that wind tunnel.

For exceeding the budget cap, Red Bull Racing has been fined seven million dollars and a 10 per cent reduction in wind tunnel time in 2023. The latter in particular will hurt the team, as they already have the least wind tunnel and CFD time at the start of 2023 as number one this season.

Punishment for Red Bull

On the contrary, Verstappen hopes these measures will motivate his team. ''It will affect us but how much? I don't know yet. But I'm confident that the team and the people we have can use that as extra motivation to try and do even better,'' said the Red Bull driver at the press conference ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

''I know, of course, they always give their best. But we have a very competitive car, we have a lot of great ideas, I think already for next year as well with the car and hopefully it's going to be enough,'' the Dutchman concluded. For now, Verstappen's main focus is on 2022, in which there are two more chances to win a Grand Prix and sharpen his record number of race wins in a season.