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Red Bull gets compliments from Pirelli after tyre performance in Mexico

Red Bull gets compliments from Pirelli after tyre performance in Mexico

03-11-2022 12:18 Last update: 15:29


Mario Isola, chief executive of Pirelli, has praised the tyre management of Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen. Looking back at the Mexican Grand Prix at Motorsport-Total.com the tyre supplier's boss had only words of praise for the Dutchman.

In Mexico, Verstappen managed a comfortable win over Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver and his teammate George Russell drove on a different strategy than Verstappen. Hamilton drove the last half of the race on the hard compound, while Verstappen drove on the medium. The assumption was that the medium would not last until the end, yet Verstappen managed to do so.

Isola was very impressed with the performance of Verstappen and Red Bull. "In the last part of the season we have seen Red Bull use the tyres very well," said the Pirelli boss. "I don't know what they did with the car, probably one of the upgrades during the season."

Red Bull has made considerable strides over the course of the season

It certainly wasn't always rosy for Red Bull this season when it came to tyre management, Isola acknowledges. Especially in the first half of the season, it was one of the racetrack's weaker points, but that has thus been rectified over the course of the year.

For Isola, the fact that Mercedes followed a different strategy without success is just a nice element of the sport. "This shows us again how important it is to provide tyres with different characteristics to challenge the teams to use them in the best possible way."