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Brazil GP appears to not be in danger despite political turmoil

Brazil GP appears to not be in danger despite political turmoil

03-11-2022 11:42 Last update: 12:28


The Brazilian Grand Prix looks set to go ahead as planned, despite political unrest in the country. Several sources report having received confirmation of this from Formula 1. Earlier, speculation surfaced that the race could still be cancelled after roadblocks made it difficult for teams to reach the circuit.

Unrest broke out after Brazil's presidential election last weekend. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won a narrow victory over incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro. Prior to the election, Bolsonaro had threatened not to recognise the result if he lost. After the announcement of the result, Bolsonaro neglected to respond or acknowledge the outcome for several days, while his supporters started demonstrating.

Truckers blocked roads across the country, leaving Ferrari trucks, among others, stuck on their way to the Interlagos circuit. Many of the blockades were quickly ended by police, allowing Ferrari to bring all materials to the circuit the same day. Bolsonaro has since acknowledged his defeat and called on his supporters to stop the blockades and demonstrations.

'Formula 1 race not in danger'

Multiple sources, including The Mirror and Sports Illustrated, report that Formula One chiefs have confirmed to them that the race will go ahead as planned. With political unrest beginning to subside, the race management would see no reason to cancel the race. Speculation online is dismissed by the organisers as nonsensical.

The Brazilian Grand Prix is scheduled for Sunday 13 November and will be the second-to-last race of the season.