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Unrest in Brazil threatens to hamper arrival of Formula One teams

Unrest in Brazil threatens to hamper arrival of Formula One teams

02-11-2022 06:46 Last update: 08:31


Demonstrations in Brazil threaten to complicate Formula 1's arrival at Interlagos. Road blockades are taking place across the country, including around São Paulo. As a result, dozens of flights to the city were cancelled because pilots and crew could not reach the airport.

Protests in Brazil

In the aftermath of the country's presidential election, in which Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva scored a narrow victory over incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro, unrest has erupted among the divided population. Bolsonaro has not yet responded to his defeat but hinted ahead of the election that he would not accept a loss.

The political unrest led to hundreds of demonstrations and road blockades. Brazilian police started breaking up the blockades after the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the Federal Highway Police must "immediately take all measures" to clear the roads. This reports The Guardian.

In São Paulo, where the Interlagos circuit is located, the roads near the busy international airport were jammed with traffic on Monday night. As a result, some passengers tried to catch their flights on foot. In addition, many flights were cancelled because staff could not reach the airport.