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Marko surprised after qualifying: 'We actually expected more from them'

Marko surprised after qualifying: 'We actually expected more from them'

30-10-2022 08:20


Helmut Marko was surprised on Saturday during qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix that not Ferrari, but Mercedes were competing with Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen still had to fight hard for pole position in Q3, but Marko does not go along with George Russell's contention that the Briton had almost beaten the reigning world champion.

Speaking to Sky Sports Germany, the Red Bull advisor admitted that Verstappen lost some time on his final lap in sector 2. At the same time, the first and third sectors were then excellent. "I don't think it would have been enough for pole," Marko assessed Russell's lap.

However, it does not mean the Austrian was sitting quietly in his seat on Saturday as the final lap entered. "It became very close. We actually expected more from Ferrari," Marko stated. "And now we have to make it work on Sunday."

Excitement expected at Mexico GP

Marko expects Mercedes to provide excitement throughout the race. While Russell may try from second place to directly thwart Verstappen during the start, Lewis Hamilton will start the race in third position. Behind him, Sergio Perez will start from fourth.

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