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Mercedes tackles and modifies controversial front wing after all

Mercedes tackles and modifies controversial front wing after all

28-10-2022 08:34 Last update: 09:45


  • Mercedes has modified its controversial front wing for the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix. The new front wing was not deemed good by the FIA in America and has now been modified by Mercedes.

Mercedes came up with a new front wing for the weekend in America, but on it, the fasteners between the elements of the wing immediately stood out. Indeed, those fasteners all seemed to face outwards, which would indicate the creation of airflow along the car. This is exactly what F1 wanted to avoid with the new regulations for 2022 to improve racing.

New wing for Mercedes

In America, Mercedes ended up only driving with that front wing during free practice, only to stow it back in the cupboard. The team did not want to risk a penalty, although internally it was thought the wing would be found legal after a protest. However, the team said it did not want to risk that. Now, adjustments to the design have been made for the Mexican GP after all.

The Race knows to report that the front wing Mercedes is now displaying in the garage shows minor adjustments. In this way, Mercedes probably hopes to use the new wing anyway, without running into a penalty from the FIA and having to appeal it.