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Verstappen will not hand out presents to Perez: 'He can do it himself'

Verstappen will not hand out presents to Perez: 'He can do it himself'

27-10-2022 20:48 Last update: 28-10-2022 09:26


Max Verstappen will go for victory at the Mexican Grand Prix as always. Teammate Sergio Perez is still battling for second place in the championship, but the Dutchman will not be handing out any presents to the Mexican.

With the new 2022 car, Verstappen may be expecting another challenge. The Dutchman has performed well at the Mexican circuit in the past, but this year could be different.

"It's very slippery and you have to throw the car around more compared to other tracks. It's been good to us as a team, the car has always worked quite well. Now it's different, different car, different tyres so a bit of a question mark if it's going to be the same but in the past it's been really good," Verstappen began in the press conference on Sky Sports.

The two world drivers' and constructors' titles are now in, but Verstappen is still going for victory in the closing stages of the season. The focus is also on the 2023 season. "[The goal] is to win more races, learn more about the car. Hopefully, we can use for next year."

Verstappen won't be handing out presents

Sergio Perez is still fighting for second place in the championship. He is two points clear of Charles Leclerc. With his second title already in his pocket, however, Verstappen is not going to give away presents to his teammate. If the Mexican wants to win his home race, he will have to succeed on his own.

"That's [Checo P2 in the championship] a target also, it's very close. It's not about giving presents, as long as finish first and second the team is happy. Checo is good enough to win races on his own, which is way more rewarding anyway," Verstappen said.

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