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Hamilton garners incomprehension: 'He was constantly asking for a yellow card'

Hamilton garners incomprehension: 'He was constantly asking for a yellow card'

24-10-2022 17:35

Lewis Hamilton caused a stir at the US Grand Prix by complaining several times about Max Verstappen allegedly exceeding the track limits. According to Jan Lammers, the Mercedes driver was too preoccupied with what his Dutch rival was doing, instead of focusing on himself.

Verstappen had exceeded the track limits three times in the closing stages of the race in Austin at one point. A fourth time would result in a five-second time penalty. Hamilton was obviously hoping for a penalty for Verstappen, but it ultimately did not come.

Lammers doesn't understand Hamilton

Lammers let NOS ' Formula 1 podcast know:"Everyone can think what they like about it, but it was just factual that he constantly asked for a yellow card. The moment he's constantly doing that, I try to look at it through the driver's eyes and then I think: 'Joh. I have to stay in that DRS, then I have one more my last chance'. Staying in that DRS is super important, but at the same time he is constantly on that radio. I do know one thing, that constant being on the radio is just distracting. Then he blocks a wheel and because of that he lost more than a second and was outside the DRS."

The former Formula One driver draws comparisons with Verstappen. The Red Bull Racing driver was briefly angry after a failed pit stop cost him some 10 seconds. "After that, his engineer tells him 'head down' for a while. Maybe Lewis needs that coaching too. Of course, it's very crazy when you go to ask for track limits three times and the moment he does, Hamilton himself gets that warning. That makes it all so trivial," Lammers stated.

Another win for Lewis in 2022?

Hamilton was close to his first Formula 1 victory of the year, but Verstappen ultimately put a stop to it. Lammers does not think the seven-time world champion is going to pull off another win in Mexico, Brazil or Abu Dhabi. Hamilton looked so good, according to Lammers, mainly because George Russell had received a time penalty and Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez had to start from midfield after grid penalties due to engine changes.

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