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Hamilton does not believe 'Verstappen era' has arrived yet

Hamilton does not believe 'Verstappen era' has arrived yet

24-10-2022 14:51 Last update: 15:16


Lewis Hamilton does not yet believe the Max Verstappen era has arrived. The Briton himself is still hoping for his eighth world title and therefore does not consider himself and Mercedes hopeless in 2023.

Verstappen captured his second world title in a row in Japan and in America, Red Bull Racing also secured the constructors' world title. For Red Bull, it was the first world title since 2013 and with the current regulations, which remain in place until 2025, everyone thinks Verstappen is also the top favourite for the coming seasons.

Hamilton believes in a title

Hamilton, who just missed out on his eighth world title in 2021, does not believe it is necessarily the Verstappen era now. ''It is too early to say. If we get into next year and they're dominating again, then yes, but the Ferraris have been quicker than them throughout qualifying. I think they've every single lap probably had better performance on the majority of a lot of the season,'' Hamilton stated at the press conference afterwards.

''Now, all they need to do is pick up their race pace, and they'll be right with them. I think we've got a much, much bigger step and steeper hill to climb, but hopefully not impossible,'' the seven-time world champion concluded.

At 37, Hamilton still has a contract until 2023. In January, Hamilton turns 38 and the upcoming season is also likely to determine his future in the sport. Hamilton would still like an eighth world title, but if that no longer seems feasible at Mercedes in the short term, he could also retire at the end of 2023.