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Schumacher understands driver criticism: 'But that does not justify that'

Schumacher understands driver criticism: 'But that does not justify that'

12-10-2022 07:51 Last update: 08:49


Pierre Gasly was furious during the Japanese Grand Prix. Although a red flag was already visible on the track, the driver was driving at full speed and suddenly ran into a tractor. As this has caused serious accidents in the past, there was a lot of misunderstanding from Gasly. However, Ralf Schumacher thinks it is important to highlight the other part as well, he writes in his column on Sky Sports Deutschland.

"I can understand the drivers' criticism. They have pointed out that they don't want to see tractors while there are still cars on the track. But that also does not justify Gasly now driving at 250 km/h behind the field. That is anything but smart," the former Formula 1 driver commented.

Gasly received a heavy penalty from race control for his speed at a red flag. The driver received a time penalty of no less than 20 seconds in Japan. He was also given two penalty points on his licence, with which the management wanted to send a clear message.

Schumacher hopes for FIA investigation

Schumacher understands why the penalty was handed out, but also thinks the FIA should look at themselves. When evaluating at the end of the season, he believes the organisation must include the Japan GP.

"It may not be a problem to wait until all the cars are in the pits and then send out the trigger, as long as there is no immediate danger. It needs to be investigated why things have turned out differently from what was discussed with the drivers."

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