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Ricciardo receives advice: 'It’s something he might consider'

Ricciardo receives advice: 'It’s something he might consider'

07-10-2022 14:07 Last update: 17:54


Daniel Ricciardo has still not revealed what challenge he will take on next season. Although the Australian still seems to be hoping for a new opportunity in Formula 1, that chance is getting slimmer. Mark Webber spoke to Ricciardo and gave him some more advice.

The former Formula 1 driver believes Ricciardo is still too good to retire from Formula 1 after this season already and therefore hopes the driver will get another chance in the motorsport class. Should Ricciardo still be open to a role as a reserve driver, a move to Mercedes would be a great opportunity, according to Webber.

"I had a good chat to him last night," he explained in conversation with Yahoo Sport Australia. "I still don’t think he’s sure. A Merc reserve driver role? Who knows how long Lewis (Hamilton) is going to go on for?"

Ricciardo gets clear advice

Webber would understand if Ricciardo wants a permanent place with a Formula 1 team, but pressed him as hard as ever to keep all options open. Indeed, according to Webber, it is the perfect opportunity to come back stronger in 2024 and race with a strong team. "It’s something he might consider," he said.

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