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Verstappen looks forward to qualifying: 'This is not representative'

Verstappen looks forward to qualifying: 'This is not representative'

07-10-2022 09:14 Last update: 09:21

Max Verstappen finds it difficult to assess where he stands after the first two free practice sessions in Japan. The rain on and around Suzuka made for two tricky sessions.

Verstappen was able to put in a lot of metres during the second free practice session despite the rain. Red Bull Racing chose not to send the two drivers out until it was dry enough for intermediates, but after that Sergio Perez and Verstappen did drive a lot of laps. Verstappen got to 23 laps and Perez, along with Yuki Tsunoda, drove the most laps: 25.

Verstappen drives many laps

''Today's times are not very representative because of the rain,'' Verstappen revealed after the session to De Telegraaf. ''It's hard to say where we are now, but it's always nice to drive here. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad in terms of wetness either. We could drive happily and do some basic things, but no more than that. That is why I am looking forward to tomorrow, to see how we do in dry conditions. Then we will start from scratch again, like everyone else.''

Verstappen finished in third place, more than eight tenths behind George Russell's fastest time. Lewis Hamilton also finished ahead of Verstappen on P2. Perez was just a little slower than his teammate and was especially bitter for the fans. Saturday, however, will be dry and so fans will have more to look forward to then.

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