Pirelli not happy with rain: 'This was an important test for us'

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7 October at 07:35
Last update 7 October at 09:11
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Pirelli chief Mario Isola is very bitter about the rain in Japan. Important tests were scheduled for the 2023 tyres. It is difficult to change the schedule at this stage of the season, so Isola is not happy.

Pirelli cancels key tests in Japan

Before the Japanese GP, an extra half-hour was reserved during FP2 to test Pirelli's tyres for next year. Rain at the Suzuka Circuit disrupted the schedule and Pirelli is not happy about that. Speaking to Sky Sports, Isola said, "I am not happy with the weather. We have had to cancel an important test for us. We are now planning to do tests in Austin and in Mexico."

A lot of planning and work went into preparing the tests which makes it even worse that they cannot go ahead in Japan. The second half of the season is very busy and, according to Isola, F1 teams are not keen to stick around after race weekends until Tuesday or Wednesday to test tyres. The best outcome was to extend the practice sessions on Fridays. Isola stressed the need for testing: "If we don't test, we can't come up with a better tyre next year."

Moving to Mexico not ideal

Ironically, it is precisely the blue Wet tyre that drivers are least satisfied with, but Pirelli does not place much value on this compound. The tyre manufacturer is looking for useful data on dry circuits. With testing moved to Mexico (tests for Austin were already scheduled), new problems are added for Pirelli. Isola: "The problem is that Mexico is not the same track as Suzuka. We normally have the softest tyre there, we had the chance to test the C1s here."

Pirelli's main aim for next year is to offer F1 teams a stronger front tyre. The 2022 cars have a lot of understeer, and with the rapid development of the teams, stronger rubber that can handle the force on the front of the car should also come soon. The rear tyres are already very good, according to Isola.