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F1 teams will keep extra time during FP2

F1 teams will keep extra time during FP2

07-10-2022 07:09 Last update: 09:10


For the second free practice session of the Japan GP, an extra half hour has been reserved for Pirelli testing. These tests will not take place, but the F1 teams will still get the extra time to practice on the Suzuka Circuit.

FP2 Japan lasts ninety minutes after all

Whether the drivers will get much use out of it remains to be seen. Very little driving takes place in Japan on Friday because of the rain and the soaking wet track. The rainfall is also the reason Pirelli is cancelling tyre tests for 2023. The tyre manufacturer has little use for the data gathered on a wet track.

Should it stop raining and should the track dry relatively quickly, the extra half hour could mean something for the F1 teams. Indeed, during FP1 there was very little driving by the drivers. The track conditions were not useful for collecting data. The rookies did drive a few laps to explore the track. An extra half hour with drier conditions would suit the teams.

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