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Understanding of Hamilton: 'Makes it harder to accept certain situations'

Understanding of Hamilton: 'Makes it harder to accept certain situations'

06-10-2022 20:29 Last update: 06-10-2022 20:29


Johnny Herbert understands Lewis Hamilton's statements. The seven-time world champion would consider it unfair if Red Bull Racing gets away with exceeding the budget cap.

Rumours that two teams on the Formula 1 grid would have exceeded the budget cap limit in 2021 are still widely discussed in the paddock. Drivers were also asked for their opinions in the press conference for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Hamilton hopes Red Bull will receive a fair punishment if the team is found guilty. According to the Briton, Mercedes would have been a lot more competitive in 2021 if the team had also spent more money.

"I do get [where Lewis is coming from]. We don't know what the situation is at the present time, hopefully Monday is when we really know. But I can understand from a drivers point of view. You put your heart and sole in trying to put the best performances you can within the cockpit to go as fast you possibly can. Then you hear the rumours that maybe someone has over spent. Then we know if that's the case there's going to be advantage from that", Herbert assesses at Sky Sports.

Herbert: 'Will be harder for Hamilton to accept'

For Hamilton, losing the world title in 2021 will be even harder to accept if Red Bull has indeed exceeded the budget cap. The Mercedes driver lost the title on the very last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

"When that advantage is something you hear about and maybe know about, it makes it harder to accept certain situations that have happened in the past or present time. I understand what his thinking is, but we're not accountants and we don't know what the whole issue is and we have to wait and see", concludes the British analyst.

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