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Verstappen is not worried: 'Nothing needs to change at Red Bull'

Verstappen is not worried: 'Nothing needs to change at Red Bull'

06-10-2022 07:30 Last update: 08:33

Max Verstappen wants to forget the weekend in Singapore quickly. In Japan, the Dutchman looks back one more time, but hopes not to run into the same problems in the coming race weekend.

Mistakes in Singapore

For Verstappen, the Grand Prix weekend in Singapore went disastrously. In qualifying, Verstappen did not have enough fuel for his final fast lap, at the start of the race Max put his car in the wrong engine position and during a daring overtaking move on Lando Norris he smoked up his new slicks in one go. Verstappen still drove back to P7, but his first chance for a second-world title was gone.

Verstappen confirmed at the press conference in Japan that some things went wrong. According to the Red Bull driver let it be known that in Singapore it was decided to drive with new parts, but they could not be tested due to the rain. Its problems were also visible in the race.

Chance at world title

Verstappen does not want to dwell on it too long, however, and above all wants to optimise his weekend in Japan. ''You can learn from that. But something doesn't have to change suddenly in the team. We all know it was a bad weekend. But we've had a lot of very good weekends this year, so we know how it works,'' said the reigning world champion.

Verstappen will get his second chance to clinch the world title in Japan. If Verstappen scores eight points more than Charles Leclerc and six points more than Sergio Perez, the Dutchman will take his second world title in Japan. The Limburger therefore has it in his own hands, as a win plus the point for the fastest lap will suffice for the title.